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Is extra virgin olive oil only for eating raw or can it be used for cooking too? In Spain, the trend of using extra virgin olive oil is relatively new which is why some people feel that extra virgin olive oil is wasted if used for roasting or pan frying. We disagree.

The term “extra virgin” indicates impeccable flavor and aroma (with zero defects) and a fruitiness greater than zero. It says nothing about the number or quality of the positive attributes of the oil. A majority of the extra virgin olive oils that are sold in containers of 5 liters are in this category and are those which we recommend for cooking.

When consuming the oil raw, we recommend using a highly fruity extra virgin olive oil with shades of green. The extra virgin olive oil sold in bottles with higher prices has scored higher in sensory analyses.
PRIORDEI extra virgin olive oil is good to eat raw as well as for cooking
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